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Creativity, Songwriting & Vocal Processing

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Learn how to master your creativity and vocal production techniques with the French electronic icon

Singers, songwriters & producers

Learn her secrets to write and record vocals, how to use your voice as an instrument, and her preferred effects and production tools to bring extra life to your vocal tracks.

Dive deep into her tracks

Watch her analyze her own tracks like ‘Cosmic Address’, create a vocal track from scratch, and tell you the incredible untold story of ‘Frank Sinatra’.

Get inspired by her career

Discover industry insights from her 20 year career and learn how to nourish your creativity, get out of the artist’s block and find your own killer hooks.

Download, follow his steps and adapt his patterns to your own productions

Ableton Live & Logic Pro template

Download the Ableton Live and Logic Pro projects from the track he creates from scratch: discover how he processes his tracks using native plugins, and pick up his tricks and skills.

Analog Synth Loops

Get inspired by the vintage synthesizers, keyboards and dusty analog gear of his studio in Paris. This sample pack contains more than 30 24-bit royalty-free recordings with unique and inspiring melodic loops

Our Masterclass are more than just a bunch of videos.

Monthly live session with the coaches.

Learn how Hannes composes, records and programs various analogue synthesizers such as the modular Moog.

Acces to a world wide community.

Beside learning how to choose the right sound, you will understnad the key to getting the perfect kick and bass for a club sound.

Free templates and material.

In two making-of projects you will learn the tricks that have led Hannes to publishing with labels like Bedrock, Poker Flat and Flying Circus.

What will I learn?


Career (4 chapters)

12:49 min.

01. Early Career
02. Career Advice
03. Becoming International & Industry Insights
04. The History Behind ‘Frank Sinatra’

Kittin will tell you her story from the beginning of her career until she became known internationally. Listen to all the advice Kittin offers you from all that experience and have the opportunity to learn the story behind one of the songs that made her stand out on the electronic scene.

Module 02

Writing Process (4 chapters)

05:24 min.

05. Master your Creativity
06. Songwriting: Pen & Paper
07. The Voice as an Instrument
08. Don’t Sample: Find your Own Idea

Listen to Kittin’s tips to increase your musical creativity and to boost your inspiration. Learn about Kittin’s philosophy on songwriting, lyrics, structure, and working on your own ideas rather than using someone else's.

Module 03

Voice Production (8 chapters)

02:04 min.

09. Vocal Recording Equipment
10. Vocal Techniques and Coaching
11. Starting An Idea from Scratch with Cubase
12. Voice Tunning
13. Vocal Effects Chain
14. Audio Production for Vocals
15. Vocal Arrangement Techniques
16. Pedals for Voices

In this module Kittin will teach you all her knowledge on music production in which vocals are the protagonist. She will go through the equipment she uses and will tell you about her own vocal techniques and recording tips to make the most of your voice as an instrument. Kittin will create and record some vocals from scratch and then will show you the software and hardware she uses and all the editing and processing techniques she applies in order to achieve her unique sound.

Module 04

Creating a Track (2 chapters)

02:03 min.

17. Creating a Track from Scratch
18. Vocal Track Review: ‘Cosmic Address’

After going through all Kittin’s tips and techniques when producing, watch her apply all of them in the creation of a track from scratch and learn about the decisions she takes step by step. Also have a close look at the project of her track ‘Cosmic Address’ while she tells you how it was made.

Module 05


07:17 min.

Track Review “1900”


For decades, Kittin has pioneered electroclash, that grimy, irreverent collision of new wave and ‘90s techno. Singles ‘1982’ and ‘Frank Sinatra’ with The Hacker cemented her as an international DJ, both tracks heralded as anthems for the underground electroclash scene.

Further notable collaborations run the gamut, including ‘Rippin’ Kittin’ with Golden Boy and ‘Silver Screen (Shower Scene)’ with Felix Da Housecat. Through a relentless work ethic and a crystal pure love of music for music’s sake, Kittin, birth name Caroline Hervé, has solidified herself as a global luminary in the electronic community.

Make an investment in your artist career

Learn how vocals can transform the energy of your tracks.

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