Analog synths, music production and creativity with Rodriguez Jr.

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Learn synth, arrangement & mixdown techniques with the award-winning music producer

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Rodriguez Jr. Masterclass

From studio to live performance

Learn how to use analog and vst synths, put your emotions into your DAW and transform them into finished tracks and engaging live performances.

Watch him analyze his own tracks

Watch him analyze his Top tracks, like ‘Hydra’, and create a track from scratch: from recording the backbone of a project to playing with accidents and polishing the mix.

Download and apply his techniques

Download the Ableton Live project from the track he creates from scratch; apply the same techniques and sounds to your own productions right away.

Download, follow his steps and adapt his patterns to your own productions

Ableton Live project

Download the Ableton Live project from the track he creates from scratch: discover how he processes his tracks using native plugins, and pick up his tricks and skills.

The project also contains unique and inspiring synth and drum loops you can use to experiment with his sound. Get inspired by the vintage synthesizers, keyboards and dusty analog gear of his studio in Paris, and follow his steps.

“Great Masterclass, highly recommended! Really useful information and very well done overall”

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What will you learn?


01. Early Life

02. Becoming Rodriguez Jr.

Rodriguez Jr. will tell you his story from the beginning of his career to his time working in bands. Then he will continue to explain how he develops his solo career to this day.


03. Improvising and sketching ideas with synthesizers

04. Benefits of software synthesizers over hardware synthesizers

05. Software synths vs hardware synths: Arturia Jupiter 8 V4.00

In this module, Rodriguez Jr. will give you tips to get new ideas to use in your tracks and will show you how he does so. He will also compare some hardware synthesizers with their software emulations and give you some advice on using one or the other. You will see how he works with software synthesizers showing you the Arturia Jupiter 8 V4.00.


06. Starting a Track from Scratch

07. MIDI Recordings

08. Recording Synths

09. Creating a Logic Template

10. Logic Arrangement

11. Rearranging Elements

You’ll see Rodriguez Jr. making the most of his studio gear to create new ideas from scratch with Ableton Live. Then you will see how it works with the Midi notes that it has been playing and it will show you how it records the audio. You can download the Ableton project, which is included in the Masterclass. Then he will explain why it is important to have a template before starting the structure of the track, and you will see how he completes in Logic the track that he has been creating during the module.


12. Mixdown Introduction

13. Kick Drum Tuning

14. EQ Basics

15. Working with Busses

16. Compression

17. Reverb & Delay

18. External Summing Mixing & Conclusion

Rodriguez Jr. will show you every step he takes to mix the track that he started from scratch in the previous module. You will see how he performs gain staging and how he groups the tracks with buses; how he works on EQ, compression, effects, etc. and how to apply other tips such as kick tuning or sound processing through hardware.


19. Track Review: feat. Stereo MCs «Relocate (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)»

20. Track Review: Hydra

21. Identify your Sound

In this module, Rodriguez Jr. will show you two of his most important tracks and will explain how he made them. He will also give you tips on how to find your own sound as an artist.


22. Identify your Needs

23. My Live Setup

24. Performing Live

25. Conclusion

You will learn important points about how to prepare your live performance with Rodriguez Jr.’s tips about it. You will observe closely how he organizes his setup and how he performs some of his tracks.


26. Roland Jupiter 6

27. ARP 2600

28. Roland SH 101

29. Moog Subsequent 37

30. Elka Synthex

It is very important to find the instruments and sounds that will define you as an artist. Therefore, Rodriguez Jr. wants to inspire you by showing in depth some of the instruments that have accompanied him during much of his career.

Rodriguez Jr.

Award-winning music producer and live performer Rodriguez Jr. -also known as Olivier Mateu- has spent 20 years in the industry, with his vast experience of all genres of electronic music making him the visionary of melodic house and techno he is today. Initially, Mateu made his name under the mentorship of the legendary Laurent Garnier, releasing music on the revered F-Communications label as one half of French electro act The Youngsters. Following this he gradually honed his style into the dynamic, colourful sound of beauty that can now be regularly found on Mobilee, Anjunadeep and demanded for on remixes of Stephan Bodzin, Booka Shade, Eli & Fur, Steve Bug, Timo Maas, Jan Blomqvist, Monolink, Worakls and more.

Drawing inspiration for his live performances from the vintage synthesizers, keyboards and dusty analog gear of his studio in Paris, Rodriguez Jr. relishes the opportunity to travel the globe and realise his project on stage. In doing so he has amassed a devoted and loyal fan base through the creation of his unique movement.

Make an investment in your artist career


Learn all the steps to create and finish a track with analog synths with Rodriguez Jr.

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