Production, Mixing & Creative Techniques for Techno with Egbert

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Discover the creative process and the production techniques behind the sound of the main Dutch Techno-act

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Egbert Masterclass

Get the low end right

A strong low end is the foundation for any good mix. Learn how to toughen up your sound and achieve the perfect low-end balance: get the bass pumping like it should and follow his production techniques to get powerful hard-hitting kicks.

Add movement to your sound

Make more interesting and less predictable music, taking advantage of randomness to generate unique sounds. Learn how to play around with expectations, use synthesis in a creative way, and create endlessly interesting shapes and sounds that will make your tracks come to life.

Dive deep into his tracks

Watch him analyze his own tracks and find out all the secrets behind Egbert’s signature sound. Discover his arrangement and mixing process, how he uses an old version of FL Studio, his favorite plugins, and the common pitfalls to avoid when producing.

Find out all the secrets behind Egbert’s signature sound and bring your tracks to life

Sylenth1 presets bank

It is warm, upbeat, energetic and most of all, irresistible: The Egbert-sound. And you can experiment with it now.

Download his Synlenth1 bank containing 100 presets with leads, basses, keys, synths and more: load the file to your Sylenth1, get inspired by Egbert’s signature sound, and start creating.

What will you learn?


01. My First Contact with Music
02. Becoming Professional
03. My Studio Setup

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04. Creating a Kick
05. Subbass Processing
06. My Favourite Synth Plugins
07. Creative Tips for Synthesis
08. Audio Processing for Synths

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09. Defining Randomness
10. Applying Randomness
11. More Tips on Randomness

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12. Mixing Tips & Tricks
13. Reference Tracks
14. How to Structure a Track
15. Analyzing the Sounds of a Track
16. Finishing a Track

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17. Track Review: Elektriciteit

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18. Comparing DAWs
19. Using a SubPac
20. Inspiration & Daily Habits
21. Tips for New Producers

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“Absolutely loved the Masterclass. It’s rich in information I’ll immediately put on my upcoming track”.


Egbert van der Gugten, or better known as simply Egbert, is a champion of true underground sounds. A Dutch producer and live performer whose music is, by design, an intricate architecture of sound and structure. Egbert’s mastery of the studio is one of natural flair. From his 2013 debut album ‘Warm’ on GEM Records to the plethora of singles and EP’s to his name that have seen him appear on labels that include Sudbeat Music, Alchemy, Great Stuff Recordings, Noir Music and SCI+TEC, Egbert has also remixed fellow underground artists Phil Kieran, Funk d’Void, Marc Romboy, Nick Curly, Reinier Zonneveld and Carl Cox, ensuring his studio output remains ever strong.

Today Egbert Live embodies all that the artist himself has journeyed and absorbed along the way. An outstanding live performer, Egbert’s ability to fuse infectious rhythms with stirring atmospherics is one part of what makes his live shows so impressive. The rumble of kick drums and industrial melodic soundscapes deliver an ecstasy that ignites dancefloors with such gusto and continually highlight the power that his compositions have both in the studio and on stage.

Make an investment in your artist career


Learn all the secrets behind the Egbert-sound

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