Learn the insights on how to become a professional artist from one of the leaders of the new electronic music school



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Boost your career

Discover for the very first time the steps and production techniques she took to become a rising star of Europe’s techno scene.

Inside her tracks

Get deep into the Ableton projects of her Top tracks “Listen” and “Orizzonte” and watch her create a track from scratch.

Manage your brand

Learn how to build and manage a label to have total control over your music and get insightful tips on how to engage with your followers.


Young, talented, charming and charismatic, Anfisa Letyago started her career in 2010 and after an initial period she was noticed by some of the main artists of the international electronic scene -Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Charlotte de Witte and many others- who began to play assiduously her productions.

The place where Anfisa is most comfortable is certainly the console, where she skillfully mixes the various influences that characterize her musical journey; to a techno matrix she adds more groovy sounds that make her sets irresistible… Clubs and festival such as Ultra, Tomorrowland, Loveland, Watergat, Hyte, Crobar, Baum and many others have noticed it






19 Chapters


01 – My Story

02 – My Studio Setup

03 – Creating a Track from Scratch

04 – Finding Inspiration

05 – How to Use Social Media

06 – Engagement with the Audience

07 – Why Create a Label?

08 – Managing a Label

09 – Signing New Artists

10 – Managing my Team

11 – Becoming a Professional

12 – Women in the Techno Industry

13 – Discovering New Knowledge

14 – Encouraging More Women to Join the Industry

15 – Track Review: “Listen”

16 – My Favorite Plugins

17 – Track Review: “Orizzonte”

18 – How to Create your First Beat

19 – Automation & Arrangement