Creativity, arrangement & production techniques for techno with Marco Faraone

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Learn how to inspire creativity and master the production tricks and techniques to get your tracks past the finish line

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Marco Faraone Masterclass

Finish your tracks

Learn how to structure and finish your tracks with your own key elements. Get from start to finish with no need of external equipment, using the features and stock plugins that exist within your DAW.


Watch him analyze his own tracks

Watch him analyze four of his tracks -released on labels such as Drumcode or Rekids- and get a detailed insight of his arrangement and production techniques, like how he builds tension between breaks or which plugins he uses the most.


Follow his creative process

Discover his approach when starting a new project: from jamming with synths and drum machines to recording loops and adding new elements. Follow the overall process of transforming a collection of musical ideas into a complete track.

What will you learn?


01. Becoming Marco Faraone
02. Tips for New Producers

Marco Faraone will tell you his story from the beginning of his career and will explain his enriching musical evolution to this day. Drawing on his experience, he’ll give you tips for getting started on the music scene, including how to submit demos and connect with record labels.

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03. How to Make Music on a Laptop
04. How to Finish a Track
05. Arrangement of a Techno Track

You will learn how to produce only with a laptop, either because you have little equipment or because you are producing on the road, and you will see step by step how Marco Faraone builds and completes his tracks from start to finish. You will also learn to give coherence to your tracks so that they have an effective structure.

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06. Drums for Techno
07. Processing Drums
08. Studio Jam
09. Jamming with Synths

In this module Marco Faraone will teach you how he works on the drums, which are one of the most important elements in electronic music. He will show you how he creates and processes them with both analog drum machines and software, and then how he uses them to improvise in real time. He will end by showing you some synthesizers that he normally uses in his tracks and will also show you how he sequences them with Ableton to improvise with them live.

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10. Track Review: Cruiser (Drumcode)
11. Track Review: Jam Table (Truesoul)
12. Track Review: Never Forget (Drumcode)
13. Track Review: Don’t need you (Rekids)

In this module, Marco Faraone will show you in detail the insides of several of his best-known tracks so that you can discover how they are produced and how they were created.

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14. Conclusion

To conclude the Masterclass and all the knowledge that he has shown you during it, Marco Faraone will share with you some final tips.

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Marco Faraone

Marco Faraone is a prolific and versatile producer whose incendiary live sets have earned him the attention of all the right people. A native of Tuscany, Faraone became a resident at Florence’s globally-renowned Tenax club, a regular slot that meant he quickly graduated from ‘crafty up-and-comer’ to one of modern Techno’s most recognised and respected names. It paved the way for a career that’s since seen him DJ at the likes of Fabric, Panorama Bar and Amnesia and alongside household names such as Jeff Mills, Chris Liebing and Ben Klock.

Anyone familiar with his output -both as a DJ and as a producer and label owner- will be all too aware that his is a sound that’s practically impossible to pigeonhole. Marco’s productions have graced some of the scene’s most respected labels like Drumcode, Defected and Rekids as well as his own much-respected UNCAGE imprint.

Creativity, arrangement & production techniques for techno with Marco Faraone


Masterclass details

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