Groove techniques for techno & tech-house with Oscar L

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Music Production Q&A with Oscar L

Date: Wednesday, December 14 Time: 20:00 CET /11:00 PT /14:00 ET 

Join Techno/Tech House DJ Oscar L and Aulart founder Marc Marzenit, and ask all your burning music production questions live! This session will be held in Spanish. 

Oscar L Masterclass


Have direct access to his production set up and follow his steps when producing from scratch. Analyze up to 5 of his most popular track projects.


Get inspired with Oscar L’s downloadable Ableton Live projects with grooves you can reuse for your own songs by substituting the samples and adjusting parameters.


All his music production techniques and worfklow tips. Get a deep insight on the creation of drums, beats, and powerful grooves, as well as on the sound design by layers.

What will you learn?


01. My Career

Listen to Oscar L’s story told by himself, as a Dj and music producer.

02. My Studio Hardware

Discover Oscar L’s studio and learn how he organizes all his equipment.

03. My Software

Oscar L will show you how he works with the DAW and his main plugins used to produce.

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04. Basic 4/4 elements: Drums and root key

In this chapter Oscar L will create several basic grooves to show you how to start them from scratch.

05. Kick: Patterns and tips

Learn how the kick should be managed, not only from a rhythmic point of view, but also from a groove perspective.

06. Snare elements: Patterns and tips

Oscar will show you different types of snare and how to work with them.

07. Hi-Hats elements: Patterns and tips

Oscar will show you very versatile ways to create Hi-hats, an indispensable element in your grooves.

08. Toms elements: Patterns and tips

Discover how to use the most unknown element of the rhythm section and how to make the most of them in your grooves.

09. Claps elements: Patterns and tips

Learn how to use your claps to make them fit in the Techno and Tech House style.

10. Bass layers

In this chapter, Oscar shows you how to make the most of bass layers to add loudness and movement to your tracks.

11. Synths layers

Oscar will show you how to add virtual synthesizers to your track in order to improve its texture and groove.

12. Effects layers

In this chapter you will learn how to integrate and deal with many different types of effects in a track.

13. Vocals layers

Learn how to process vocals in order to add to the groove of your tracks and how to experiment with them to create other effects.

14. Midi grooves

In this chapter you will discover less known options in Ableton Live in order to improve your workflow and handling of MIDI files.

15. Resampling kick

Oscar will show you his techniques to sample and modify kicks from other tracks in order to create his own personal library.

16. Using delay as a groove technique

Learn Oscar’s own delay techniques to improve the groove of your tracks.

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17. Track review: Unique (Truesoul)

Oscar will show you the original project of his track “Unique” and explain how he did it.

18. Track review: Dark Fate (Drumcode)

Oscar will show you the original project of his track “Dark Fate” and explain how he did it.

19. Track review: Dimension (KNE’DEEP)

Oscar will show you the original project of his track “Dimension” and explain how he did it.

20. Track review: Dibiza

Oscar will show you the original project of his track “Dibiza” and explain how he did it.

21. Track review: Fiezzta

Oscar will show you the original project of his track “Fiezzta” and explain how he did it.

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22. Tips for new producers

Oscar gives you several general tips to help you advance in your career.

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Oscar L

Oscar L is a point of reference in the Techno and Tech-House scene with more than 15 years of international career. His productions, characterized by a very personal sound that combines classic and peculiar influences at the same time, have reached the highest positions of the international sales charts, being played by the most iconic artists of the globe like Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Marco Carola, Nicole Moudaber, Danny Tennaglia or Ilario Alicante to name a few.

He has signed with the most prestigious record labels of the moment. Drumcode (Adam Beyer’s label), Knee Deep In Sound (Hot Since 82’s label), Stereo Productions (Chus & Ceballos’s label), Truesoul (Adam Beyer’s label), We Are The Brave (Alan Fitzpatrick’s label), 1605 (Umek’s label), among others, are some of the biggest labels where you will find Oscar’s productions.

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