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How I made: Röyksopp - This Time, This Place (Henry Saiz Darktrip Remix)

Get insider knowledge on sound design, drum programming, bass processing and more, as Saiz breaks down his remix.

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Discover Henry Saiz's top techniques for creating a professional-sounding remix

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What will I learn?

01. Introduction

Henry Saiz takes you on a journey through his remixing process in this chapter, starting with the original track he was asked to remix by Royskopp. He provides some background on how the remix opportunity came about and gives you a taste of the original track in its entirety.

Throughout the chapter, Saiz also discusses his experience working with Royskopp and how they influenced his musical journey. This insight gives aspiring remixers an idea of the collaborative process involved in remixing and the importance of building strong relationships with the artists they work with.

02. Beat

In this chapter, Henry Saiz shares his techniques for achieving a round, punchy kick drum using the U-he ‘HIVE’ VST and adjusting the key to fit the track. He also demonstrates how to create the snare and clap using a simple process with the ‘workstation’ plug-in and goes over the extra percussive elements that make up the drums of the remix. You’ll gain valuable insights into creating professional-quality drum and percussion elements that will take your remixes to the next level.

03. Bass

Henry Saiz highlights the importance of bass in his remix in this chapter, using three layers to demonstrate his bass process in detail. He explains the plug-ins and sounds used, including Rob Papen subboom bass, Roland Cloud TB 303, and samples from the original song. You’ll learn how to create a powerful and impactful bassline that will elevate your music to new heights. This chapter is a must-watch for anyone looking to improve their bass production skills.

04. Synths

In this chapter, Henry Saiz takes you through all the synth work in his remix, demonstrating the chords created by UVI’s workstation, which emulates classic sounds, and breaking down the full chord progression. He also shares his approach to creating counter melodies, harmonies, and a special flute sound that adds character to his take on the remix. By following along with Saiz’s breakdown, you’ll gain valuable insights into creating compelling synth elements that will help your remixes stand out.

05. Vocals

In this chapter, Henry Saiz discusses the vocal elements in his remix, sharing his approach to processing the lead vocals while maintaining their integrity. He demonstrates how he used reverbs and delays to enhance the vocals and create a cohesive mix. By following along with Saiz’s techniques, you’ll learn how to manipulate vocals to create your own unique sound in your remixes.

06. Creative Effects

In this chapter, Henry Saiz takes you through the creative effects used in his remix, demonstrating how they add character and flow to the overall sound. He uses Valhalla Vintage Verb to create atmosphere and space, and Arturia’s tape echoes and dynamic delays to achieve a vintage feel and add extra layers of tension within the remix. You’ll learn how to use creative effects to enhance the overall sound of your tracks and make them stand out.

07. Mixing & Mastering

In this final chapter, Henry Saiz delves deep into the mixing process of his remix, sharing his methods and techniques to help you improve your own mixing skills. He demonstrates how to use built-in Ableton stock plug-ins like Drum Buss to get started with mixing right away, and incorporates third-party plug-ins like FabFilter, Wavesfactory, and Soundtoys to achieve a professional sound. Saiz explains how he uses multiband compression, sidechaining, and frequency mapping to shape the sound of his mix. He also shares his full mastering chain, which he uses to prepare an energetic and loud club-ready track. You’ll gain a better understanding of the mixing and mastering process and how to achieve a polished, professional sound in your music.

Henry Saiz

Henry Saiz is a visionary in the world of electronic music, renowned for his ability to seamlessly blend club beats with elements of 80’s pop and progressive rock. With a career spanning over a decade, his music has graced stages at some of the world’s most iconic festivals including Sonar, Glastonbury, Ultra, EXIT, Creamfields and Global Gathering

Track Review: Röyksopp - This Time, This Place (Henry Saiz Darktrip Remix)

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  • English
  • 4K Video
  • Ableton live
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