Aulart Originals Masterclass

Matador Track Review: ‘Eightball’

From idea to mastering, see every building block behind the track.

Aulart Originals Masterclass

Learn how the New Techno pioneer builds his infectious groove & rolling melodies.

1. Track Review: ‘Eightball’

See the full studio process behind Matador’s dance floor classic ‘Eightball’: see every step of how he built the bass section, melodies, and arrangement, all the way to mixing and mastering.


A revolutionary live artist

As DJ Awards’ 2016 Electronic Live Performer, Matador, aka Gavin Lynch, is a revolutionary live artist whose shining reputation for versatility and consistent commitment to quality has brought him rapid worldwide acclaim and a devoted worldwide fan base of clubbers and peers alike.

Sound design obsessive

After learning to DJ as a teenager, his passion led him to a sound engineering course at Dublin’s Sound Training Centre, with an emphasis on electronic music production, and an obsession was born. ‘Whilst electronic production is my first love, it has been incredibly important to have knowledge of instruments in their purest form both in a studio and in a live environment.’

Analog gear ambassador

Accolades have been showered on the Dublin-born producer, from proud ambassador of the Rupert Neve Designs 5088 console, Richie Hawtin’s PLAYDifferently MODEL1 mixer, tenure as an ENTER resident at their worldwide events, to his consistent spot in RA’s Live Artist poll, and label boss for his RUKUS imprint.

Matador Track Review: ‘Eightball’


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