Marco Faraone

Creativity & Music production tips

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Learn new creativity techniques & tips and boost your music production career.

Marco Faraone is a prolific electronic music producer that published his music in respected labels such as DRUMCODE, REKIDS, TRUESOUL or his label UNCAGE.

In this class Marco explain us tips and tricks to produce music without additional elements, only using  Ableton native plugins as well as creative tips for improvisation with external hardware. Marco also opens projects of famous tracks like ‘Cruiser’ or “Never Forget” both released on DRUMCODE, “Don’t need you’” released on REKIDS or “Andrea Oliva -Jam Table (Marco Faraone Remix)” for Truesoul.

Learn techniques he uses to process drums, percussion and melodies. This masterclass is perfect for those who want to begin in the production world with Ableton and for those who want to improve techniques to work faster or learn new tips and tricks used by the artist.

Tips & Techniques

Learn from the music projects for Drumcode, Rekids & Truesoul

Audio – English

Subtitles – Italian & Spanish

DAW – Ableton Live 10

Masterclass – Premium

4K quality

Length 228


Learn clubbing production techniques

In 14 chapters
  • 01
    01 Presentation
  • 02
    02 Tips for new producers
  • 03
    03 How to make music with a laptop and sampling
  • 04
    04 Drums for techno
  • 05
    05 processing drums
  • 06
    06 Jaming with synths
  • 07
    07 How to complete a song
  • 08
    08 Analyzing the arrangement of a techno track
  • 09
    09 How was made never forget Drumcode
  • 10
    10 How was made Jam Table Truesoul
  • 11
    11 How was made Don’t need you Rekids
  • 12
    12 How was made cruiser Drumcode
  • 13
    13 Studio Jam
  • 14
    14 Conclusion
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