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Behringer TD-3 – Create ACID basslines with the built-in sequencer

Behringer, the controversial music gear manufacturer, has already released two different clones of the iconic Roland TB-303: TD-3 and TD-3 MO – a brand new modded unit with very interesting additions. 

They both have great sound and a very appealing price which together with the current hype around the Acid sound have led these machines to commercial success.

If you own either one of them, you probably feel that their built-in sequencer is not as intuitive nor practical as you would expect from a modern synth, since it’s based on the original one.

So in the following video, Dave Sinner explains how to program your own bassline patterns, generate random patterns and setup the MIDI clock for DAW integration.

Furthermore, if you’re a real ACID lover, you definitely need to check out Regal’s Masterclass to find out all the secrets, techniques and tools inside the arsenal of one of the most exciting artists in the genre. 

We leave you with the tutorial for the Behringer TD-3! Remember to turn on the English subtitles in the video:

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July 22, 2021
By Dave
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