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Understanding Amplitude and Filter Envelopes

Most synthesizers have envelopes with four sections or stages, called attack, decay, sustain, and release. You’ll often see these abbreviated as ADSR. You don’t hear the envelope directly — the synth uses the envelope’s shape to determine how one or more other aspects of the sound change over time. The envelope then modifies different parameters …

Oscillator Waveforms: Types and Uses – PART I

INTRODUCTION   The other day, one of our Aulart students asked us a very interesting question: What wavesound should be used when creating different synth instruments? (leads, pads, basses, atmospheric sounds, plucks, etc)  We are sure that many of us would love to have a clear guidance on what kind of waveform to start with …

Mastering Compression (Robert Babicz’s Tips)

In this article we are going to have a look at the role of compression in the process of mastering. We will do so from the perspective of well-known and experienced mastering engineer Robert Babicz, and will discover why and how he uses it. In order to learn more about this and other aspects on …

What is a LFO and how to use it

Do you recognize this vibrato? This effect has been created by an LFO and in this article you will see how. We will explain what a LFO is and will give you examples of how to use it with different synthesizers so you can eventually make it work in any.    What is a LFO? …

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