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Tips for mixing Kick & Bass

You are creating a new track and you start to try kicks and bass sounds. You already have your bass line written or maybe you are waiting for its sound to inspire you and determine the notes that make it up. The point is that you start to adjust parameters and, almost without realizing it, …

Create a 909 Dark Techno Pattern

Today we are going to be creating a very dark rhythm pattern with the standard drum rack 909 Core Kit. You will be able to just edit it step by step following the indications after loading the kit in a current version of Ableton Live, without the need to look for other specific samples.   …

Tuning your kick (Hannes Bieger’s tips)

We have heard many times that it is important to fine-tune the percussive elements in our compositions. This is especially important for the “kick or “bass drum” when we want to produce styles such as house or techno, or any other electronic genre in which these elements have a lot of relevance. We will explain …

Top 5 mixing myths to avoid

Myth 1: Always cut EQ not boost The Myth: “boosting EQ adds noise” and  “boosts with digital EQs sound terrible” and also “boosting adds phase distortion”. Why it’s wrong: This was the top tip 20 years ago from internet experts, but cutting and boosting are functionally the same in terms of sound, phase, and noise.  …

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