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Creating Disco and Funk style claps

Disco or funk claps are a distinctive sound of a group of people in a studio. Think of the intro to Car Wash by Rose Royce and you’ll know that it’s a great dance floor motivator, a human percussive sound which is very different to the tight drum machine claps of house. Here’s how to …

Create a 909 Dark Techno Pattern

Today we are going to be creating a very dark rhythm pattern with the standard drum rack 909 Core Kit. You will be able to just edit it step by step following the indications after loading the kit in a current version of Ableton Live, without the need to look for other specific samples.   …

Create lush House pads in Ableton Live

Making Pads in Ableton for House House pads come in a lot of variations or flavours, here we show you how to cook up your own in Ableton so you always can create a unique pad, exactly suited to what’s needed in your tracks. Create lush pads from beginner to advanced with step by step …

Top 5 hidden Ableton Live secrets

Ableton Live has a lot of features and some of them are hidden or known to only a very few people. Here are five features you might not know about which will speed up your workflow and power-up your music creation.   The hidden rack hierarchy view To navigate complex racks there is a hidden …

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