Beginners Mixing Tips – Part I

If you have started mixing recently and you need new tips and ideas to improve how your music sounds and your workflow when mixing, this

Watch your posture: DJ Ergonomics

You might not realize it, but the alignment of your skeletal bones when you are standing or sitting has a major impact on muscle comfort.

What is Compression and How to Use it

Compression is one of the most important tools in audio and it is essential for creating high quality musical mixes. However, at the beginning it can

Tips to promote your music

It’s not a new concept to say that promotion or self-promotion, especially for new artists, is an easy feat. A few years ago, DJs were

Make a Shimmer Reverb in Ableton Live

Introduction to shimmer reverb If you ever needed an ambient reverb you may have encountered that magical sound called a “Shimmer Reverb” because alongside the

Tips for mixing Kick & Bass

You are creating a new track and you start to try kicks and bass sounds. You already have your bass line written or maybe you